What does

Studustry offer?


Studustry offers you a chance to work on real-world industry projects as a

student so that you can develop new skills and increase employability.

Network with


No prior work

experience required




Work in collaboration

with peers & mentors

Work. Gain points. Earn rewards.


Learn, earn, and qualify

Experiential Learning Program is a specially designed experiential learning program for early college students to work on projects and develop their transfereable skills such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking along with domain specific know-how.

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Work with professionals on projects

PRO projects are open to the ELP experienced students. Complex, More technical, more industry oriented and more accountable when you are working in teams directly with an industry professional to engage in a meaningful learning experience.

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Work directly on company projects

Unlock the true potential of Studustry by working on projects directly from companies. Engage with key stakeholders in industry to work on real problems, real challenges and make an impression on them to secure full time opportunities

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Open to all ELP

Make learning a part of your life story, share your knowledge, learn from peers and collectively work towards common objective on topics not necessarily related to your expertise

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Freedom to learn by doing

Studustry believes in letting students who wish to learn, learn. Unlike internships, no restrictions

on minimum grades, college tier, or other requirements are needed to be on the platform.

Explore sectors

Studustry projects are categorized in sectors to give you the option to explore what it is like to work in a particular sector

Explore job functions

Put yourself in the shoes of an engineer, analyst, researcher, and perform the work that these roles would in a real job.

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